शनिवार, अप्रैल 30, 2005

RELLY bad speler!!!!!!

IM suky speler but who abot this guy?????

This guy was on IM AM SSORRY website!!!!! Haha! He is wrost speler then IM!!!!! At lest he knos Iraq war was not right (probaly - cant' tell).

Now with special jewish words

Do to inernational readership, IM have deccide to use jewish wrods for this blog. IM an not jewish, but there wrods (speling part) are cool looking (thikn there jewis not sure???)

गुरुवार, अप्रैल 28, 2005

Statiscal reasons why Iraq war was not right

irawarworng, WHO I AM NOT HIM, is right abuot Iraq war is wrong (eg not right - name of my blog!). But because of lack or perhaps undrestaning of thing like standrad deviations and margins erorr ect ect, this can be misleadnig which is what we (ppl how think iraq war not right/wrong) must avoid scrupulusly if I or another wish to be tooken seriously. Only by exresise of sceintific/mathamatac rigor will we avoid being traped into trap of ppl who think Iraq war was right or not wrong.

Hear are some staitistic VALID/CORRECT staticstic about Iraq war wrongness:

1 Bushhitlerchainy burton killed over 5000000 Iraq baby's/tottler's in war!!!! or before war. If U think Iraq war was right, you should aks killed baby's/tottler's if Iraq war was right?????

2 More Amercian/Englis/Japonese soldier's killed in Iraq war then in entire Veit Nam war combined!!!!! If U think Iraw war was right, you should ask killed soldier's/Amercian/Japones/Engish soldiers if Iraq war was right???

3. Cost of Iraq war JUST SO FAR NOT including that we still are there: neerly $3000000000!!!!! For this much money we could of buy cars for everybody in Iraq!!!! If U think IRaq war was right, you should ask ppl in Iraq how dont' have cars (most Iraq ppl becaus of Iraq war do NOT have cars) if Iraq war was right??????


बुधवार, अप्रैल 27, 2005

Why is this blog hear?????

I decide to start this blog because even tho the Iraq war was NOT right (wrong) some OTHER BLOGERS who writing about Iraq war was wrong are being less than forthritly TRUTHFUL about matters of statisticle infirence and the MARGIN OF ERROR of (wrongest war) VOTING.

Some might even say he(she) is being INTELECULY DISHONEST so even thogh he (she as case may be) is right abut Iraq war was wrong progressivs of all stirpes must scurpulously adhere to basic principals of LOGIC HONSETSY AND MARGIN OF ERROR if are movement is to defeet Bushhitlerchimpychainy and there GOONS. in next election.

UPDATE: PS INCASE U think I think Iraq war was right UR wrong. IT PROBALLY IS WRONGEST WAR EVER OF ALL TIME. But SOME OTHER BLOGERS are misuse stastitics from voting for wrongest war!!!! because left out other wars like 1812 War (where 1812 War ovacher came from - interesting fact) and war of Mexico (alamo war.)(also wrong wars)