शनिवार, अप्रैल 30, 2005

RELLY bad speler!!!!!!

IM suky speler but who abot this guy?????

This guy was on IM AM SSORRY website!!!!! Haha! He is wrost speler then IM!!!!! At lest he knos Iraq war was not right (probaly - cant' tell).

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dean04prez ने कहा…

This blog is like totaly stick it to the neoncons who stupidley think the iraq war was right.

PS My woman thinks you are me which is totaly not true becasue it could not be true because I am not you.

♥~DUBYA l♥vin' Zi♥nist~♥ ने कहा…

You anti-semitic socialist nazi's aren't fooling anyone.

That sorry goon with the poorly written German message is merely an older version of that Dean04 fruitcake in the orange Atari shirt!! Exact same eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair color!

Stoopid is as stoopid does. What a crock!

Your intolerant, hypocritical ilk are a SCOURGE on America and the rest of the world!

Go tongue a terrorist!


mrsevilneocon'sevenevillertwin ने कहा…

Holy cow! Now this is a funny blog! I know it's gotta be Dean's handiwork, but it's hard to believe, because this s*&t is funny, and Dean is mediocre. Dean, congratulations! You've outdone Howie for absolute stupidity and falsehood!

♥~DUBYA l♥vin' Zi♥nist~♥ ने कहा…

"This guy was on IM AM SSORRY website!!!!!"

Duh, homeboy. That *This guy* is on several sorry websites. He frickin' runs them!! Would you like me to list them?

what an interesting psychology case study, for an entire team of course.

बेनामी ने कहा…

yeah, somebody told me I could find a former member of the Vienna Boys choir here...or maybe they meant this, in which case...eeewwwwww! NOOOOO Thanks!

After looking around the place. I guess it's the wee lil latter.