रविवार, मई 01, 2005


IM try cary on discusion on blog of like-minded porgresive like me (dean04pres) IN RE: how Iraq war WAS NOT RIGHT (name of my blog) and noecon chick's (lion chick and other 1 chick) start talk abuot my WENER in coments - NOT ABOUT IRAQ WAR was not right.

WHY?????? UR might ask??? Because they KNOW IM AM right (about IRAQ WAR WAS NOT RIGHT) so they have to change the subject (to weners) because there attacks ect. lack substance/mathematacle rigar. ∴ talk about weners. TYPACAL NEOCON CHICK'S.

ALSO NB: Read there WENER coments VV carefuly!! There totaly hetaronormaltive!!!! TYPACAL NEOCON CHICK'S.

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dean04prez ने कहा…

Thoes neocon women only want one think

You just have to put them out of youre mind while you spred your mesage.

बेनामी ने कहा…

you are the OLDEST looking 9 year old I've ever seen. Doin' some rough living, huh? Your fixation appears to be born of personal torment over your "shortcomings", and then fueled by peer pressure in the 2nd grade boys locker room.

[Age assessment based on maturity level of all comments made by TIWWNR]

THEY™ L♥ve me l♥ves THEY™ ने कहा…

Oh, no worries YET.
You won't be "stocked" until after THEY™ have used their box cutters & (pricing) guns.

Shortly after that you'll be stocked on the shame shelf as these. Right next to em'.

बेनामी ने कहा…

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